About Us

At Therachat, we believe in enhancing the clinical experience for clients and therapists through engaging, dynamic, and personalized experiences.

As a Wellin5 company, we embody a shared vision.

To be the leader in online therapy by providing cutting-edge technology, a captivating user experience, and driving high client engagement.

Our Mission

We are driven by our heart-first philosophy to positively impact mental health.

Why Therachat

We are a unique technology company that is dedicated to empowering therapists and clients to foster wellness throughout their journey.

Therachat is developed by therapists and serves as a digital companion tool for providers, actively promoting and fostering the therapeutic relationships and achievements of both therapists and their clients.

Our team

William Masih
Wilson Cheh
Prod/Clinical Director
John Eustace
Diana Kerwin

Don’t wait to take your professional presence to the next level.