Make your therapy more effective
by understanding what your client thinks and feels
in between sessions.


More effective sessions

Therachat helps you understand what keeps your client busy in between sessions so you know what to focus on in the next session


Reach therapy goals

Therachat visualizes how your client is doing over time so you can help your client stay on track to reach therapy goals.

Control recency bias

Therachat surfaces information your client might not be thinking about to help you and your client get more out of sessions.


Therachat is fully HIPAA compliant

All the data is stored securely and only available to you and your client.


How it works:


For Your Clients

A smart, automated journaling platform

Your clients can use the Therachat app when they want to record their thoughts and feelings, to do their homework, to journal,... The platform will ask them more questions and try get more context. You won't have to do anything.

For You, the Therapist

A dashboard with a workable summary of your clients

You can follow up with your clients through a private and secure dashboard, based on the information they provided in their conversations.

Personalize questions for your clients 

Do you want to see whether your patients are doing their homework? Or do you prefer them to journal based on the questions you provide? You can modify and schedule the questions the machine asks.