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Ismael E. Gerena Jr.
MA, Th.D, LMHC, Ch.T.

It is a really thorough way of collecting information about client experiences throughout the week.

Nicole Green

I love being able to visualize the emotions and moods of my clients over time and see how they are progressing.

Maggie Perry

The Therachat team impresses me because of their commitment to finding innovative ways to improve mental health care.

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“ If a client is struggling, I don't want them to text message me therapy related items. I use SMS solely for the purpose of scheduling or rescheduling. It is not a therapy tool. Therachat is a great outlet for clients to discuss how difficult their day has been versus sending me a text message. ”
Heather M. Holt - MSW, LICSW
Saint Paul
“What I like about Therachat is that no matter where I'm coming from with a particular client, I'm able to customize it to their experience. I also like the tracking options. Having my clients track their moods in Therachat is very helpful, especially with clients that I'm concerned about safety issues with. If someone were to say they're really having a bad day and they need to talk to me, now I know and I can do something about it. ”
Joy M. Solano - MA, LPC
New Richmond
“The feedback of my clients to Therachat has been overwhelmingly positive.They like it because they get reminders for when they need to do something and because it offers a place where they can log their comments, and reflections on a particular exercise. ”
Noah Clyman - LCSW-R, ACT
New York
“I used paper handouts or Google Drive files before, but with Therachat this is less time consuming and I can easily set up reminders to check in with clients. Therachat has been an asset to my practice! ”
— Vivien Roman-Hampton

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