Have better sessions so your clients progress faster

Engage clients during the week, be in the know of issues before the session starts and have more efficient sessions.

  • Select, create or customize homework
  • Realtime results & compliancy
  • Visualize progress
  • Web, iOS & Android app
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    Reviews - What other counselors say about Therachat

    • “ With Therachat I am able to be more prepared for my sessions ”
      Joy Solano - MA, LPC, NCC
      Saint Croix Falls, WI
    • “Therachat helped my clients and me to get to a deeper level in sessions.. ”
      Sonya Bruner - PsyD
      Mountain View, CA


    1. Get concrete talking points BEFORE a session starts.
    2. Know which skills to train in session, with information collected beforehand.
    3. Prepare homework and worksheets beforehand.

    Get input from clients between sessions

    Therachat engages your clients to finish activities between sessions. By receiving that input before a session, you will be better prepared.

    Quickly review a weeks progress with our Timeline view

    Sometimes a 10,000 foot view is necessary and we've got you covered. Our Timeline view allows you to see at a high level how the clients week has gone.

    Dive deeper into your clients entries and results

    When you need to dig deeper into the data, it's easy. Look more closely at a specific activity to really see what your client was experiencing throughout the week.

    Therachat uses artificial intelligence

    Using advanced AI techniques, Therachat can extract important context and meaning from journal entries. This helps you preview the summary of important details found within a client's journal entries

    How it works