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Clinical Activities Approved By Therapists: Journal, Emotion Tracking and many more!

Emotion tracking, open journal, gratitude journal, distress level tracking...
Therachat comes with a variety of activities that will help you reflect and track your progress.
Therachat is used by therapists all over the world and all activities are approved by them.

Therachat journal activities

61% of Therachat users
reduce their distress.

Daily Reminders To Journal

Daily reminders will help you stay on track and remind you to journal, track or reflect.

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  • “Therachat enables me to track my moods, symptoms, and patterns. I am grateful to the designers of this app. Thanks for helping me!! ”

  • “ This is such a great app. It helps me record data of thoughts and patterns that I go through each day.”

  • “ I really enjoy the app and have been using it almost everyday. It's been great with helping me track my emotions and journaling about my feelings. ”

Artificial Intelligence To Help You Spot Patterns In Your Journal Entries

Using advanced AI techniques, Therachat can extract important context and meaning from journal entries.
This helps you understand important patterns in your writing that might be triggers.

Journal analysis

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  • Thought reframing
  • Distress Level Tracking
  • Emotion tracking
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  • Open journal
  • Open journal analysis

Use It With or Without A Therapist

Using Therachat with your therapist will help you get more out of your session, get custom activities from your therapist and allows you to send umlimited messages to your therapist.

HIPAA compliant texting

More Therachat Reviews:

  • “ Therachat enables to track my moods, symptoms, and patterns. I like that my therapist can stay updated so I don’t have to waste time in therapy discussing the minutiae of my daily life. Therachat is the best of both worlds, in person + technology.
    Client using it with their therapist
  • “I am really enjoying this app. It helps me through the day being a recovering addict. You won't change your lifestyle until you start small. This app is a great stepping stone! ”
  • “This app is a great way to do growth and change assignments between therapy sessions. It is easy to complete the work and you can put as much time into it as you want. On days when you are pressed for time, it is still helpful to use. ”
  • “ This is such a great app. It helps me record data of thoughts and patterns that I go through each day. ”