Online, secure, customizable journal app for clients and counselors.

HIPAA-compliant platform to send your clients prompts and help them develop journaling skills between sessions.

  • Create and customize journal prompts
  • Library of pre-made journaling activities
  • Realtime results & compliancy
  • Export all entries
  • Web, iOS & Android app
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    Easily create or send journal prompts to your therapy clients

    Use our library of journal prompts and other activities to send to your therapy clients or create your own. Our built in client feedback mechanism helps you to understand which journal activities have been effective for your clients.

    Create journal prompts with Therachat

    A FREE, secure mobile journal app for your clients

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    • Therachat thought reframing
    • Therachat distress level tracking
    • Therachat emotion tracking
    • Therachat emotion tracking detail
    • Therachat feedback mechanism
    • Therachat open journal
    • Therachat artificial intelligence
    Journal reminders

    Automatic notifications for you and your clients

    Your clients will receive daily reminders to journal. You can decide when your clients should be reminded, or you can let Therachat send out reminders at the time your therapy clients will be most likely to journal.

    You will get notifications as well when your clients journaled.

    "The feedback of my clients to Therachat has been overwhelmingly positive.
    They like it because they get reminders when they need to do something"

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    Realtime results allow you to prepare and have more effective therapy sessions

    With our timeline view, you can start your therapy sessions with an understanding of what's been on your client's mind and make meaningful therapy progress in less time.

    Learn more about results
    Therachat timeline

    "With Therachat I am able to prepare for sessions and
    I don't need to spend session time asking a client how there week was."

    Mobile Therachat app

    Access Therachat on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

    Read your clients entries or messages on the go, or right before a session. Therachat is accessible on any device!

    Mobile Therachat app

    Other features Therachat offers:

    • - Unlimited, HIPAA-compliant messaging
    • - Send and store files
    • - Data export
    • - 24/7 Support
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