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  • Library of pre-made, engaging activities
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    Create And Send Homework to Clients Digitally

    Therachat makes it easy for you to send homework to your therapy clients.
    All homework will be delivered digitally through our HIPAA-compliant mobile app.

    Pre Made Therachat Activities

    Save Time With Our Library of Pre-Made Clinical Activities

    Save time & send activities from our activity library.

    Emotion tracking, open journaling, session feedback... select one of our many pre-made activities to send to your clients. All activities were created together with therapists to give the most useful result, while also optimizing the homework so it would be easy and engaging for clients.

    Create Your Own Activities And Attach Any File

    Upload or create your own activity that will be deliver to your clients through the mobile app. Besides creating questions and prompts, we support uploading worksheets, PDF, images, video, mp3, links and many more file types.

    Learn more about sending files

    Custom Activities

    "I don't stress anymore about which homework to give to a client.
    I research and send it after the session and save up to 10 min."

    A FREE, secure mobile journal app for your clients

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    • Therachat thought reframing
    • Therachat distress level tracking
    • Therachat emotion tracking
    • Therachat emotion tracking detail
    • Therachat feedback mechanism
    • Therachat open journal
    • Therachat artificial intelligence
    Homework reminders for therapy clients

    Homework reminders to keep your therapy clients engaged

    It's proven that clients who are actively participating in their therapy journey are more likely to have better outcomes. Therachat's automated reminder system keeps clients engaged and reminds them at the right time to complete their activities.

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    Realtime Client Results & Homework Compliance.

    In the blink of an eye you'll know whether your clients finished their activities, how helpful they found it and what the actual results or entries were. This will allow you to be more prepared for a session and have more structured sessions.

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    Homework results
    Mobile Therachat app

    Access On Any Platform, Desktop and Mobile

    Follow up with clients on the go and behind your desk.

    With the Therachat mobile app, you can access the activities and messages of clients on the go. Do you prefer to sit down and use your computer? That's also possible!

    Empower your clients to finish their homework.
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