What if your clients did their homework?

Therachat is the easiest, online, HIPAA-compliant platform to send and remind clients of homework and keep therapy top of mind in between sessions.

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How it works

See what your colleagues are saying about Therachat

  • “ What I like about Therachat is that no matter where I'm coming from with a particular client, I'm able to customize it to their experience.
    Joy Solano - MA, LPC, NCC
    Saint Croix Falls, WI
  • “The feedback of my clients to Therachat has been overwhelmingly positive.They like it because they get reminders for when they need to do something and because it offers a place where they can log their comments, and reflections on a particular exercise. ”
    Noah Clyman - LCSW-R, ACT
    New York, NY

Save time with our library of activities

The Therachat library contains activities which have been curated to provide quick access to proven tools. With our built in client feedback mechanism, you will be able to know which activities have been effective for your clients.

Customize your clients experience by creating your own activities

The Therachat library of activities is just the beginning. Create your own custom activities that meet your specific needs. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Upload worksheets or other documents

Therachat supports uploading for worksheets, images or links. This allows you to create customized content that your clients are already used to, delivered digitally, and tracked with our feedback mechanism. Receive valuable feedback as to which activities are helping your clients most.

Reminders are sent to your clients to keep them engaged

It's proven that clients who are actively participating in their therapy journey are more likely to have better outcomes. Therachat's automated reminder system keeps clients engaged and reminds them at the right time to complete their activities.

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