Notifications and Reminders to Keep
You And Your Therapy Clients Accountable and Up-to-date

Therachat helps you save time by sending you notifications whenever a client did something important.
We also let your clients know when you sent them something.

Pre Made Therachat Activities

E-mail Notifications for Finished Activities or New Messages

When your client finishes an activity or sends you a message, we will let you know straight away so you do not need to check your dashboard.

Mobile Notifications for New Messages

If you use the mobile Therachat app, we will send you push notifications for new client messages so you are immediately informed when a therapy client requires your attention.

Custom Activities
Notification Center

Dashboard Notification Center

With the notification center on your Therachat dashboard, you know who did what since your last visit. The notifications will navigate you to the message or activity result with one click.

"The feedback of my clients to Therachat has been overwhelmingly positive.
They like it because they get reminders when they need to do something"

Reminders For Clients on Their Phone

Daily reminders will help your therapy clients stay on track and remind them of all activities you schedule for them. Whether that is to journal, track or reflect.

Homework results

Make it easy to stay up-to-date on your clients.
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