Unlimited, HIPAA-compliant Texting And Chat Messages

Stay connected with your clients in between sessions
with our fully secure texting and messaging feature

Unlimited, HIPAA Compliant Texting and Chat Messaging.

With Therachat you can unlimited text your therapy clients, knowing all communication is only available to the both of you and protected by HIPAA-standards.

HIPAA compliant texting for therapists

Text Clients Anytime, From Any Device

HIPAA compliant texting and chat messaging is easy to use, reliable and available 24/7. Message conveniently from your desktop or mobile device. Your client will have a FREE, mobile application to message on the go.

Notifications for New Messages

Whenever you get a new message from a client, you'll immediately be notified on your mobile phone and via email.

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Custom Activities

"I don't want clients to text me therapy related items.
Therachat is a great outlet to discuss how difficult their day has been versus sending me texts."

Export Therachat Messages

Export All Messages Into Your EHR

With the notification center on your Therachat dashboard, you know who did what since your last visit. The notifications will navigate you to the message or activity result with one click.

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Start texting your clients in a HIPAA-compliant and convenient way.
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