Free, engaging mobile app for your clients

Your clients will receive your homework activities and messages through our secure, Therachat mobile app.
Your clients will automatically be reminded and prompted to keep their therapy goals top of mind.

Pre Made Therachat Activities

Free, mobile iOS & Android app

All activities and messages will go to our FREE mobile app available on iOS & Android.

HIPAA-compliant & Secure

Our apps are completely secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Automatic Reminders

Clients forgetting their homework, is one of the main reasons why clients do not finish it. With Therachat, Each time you sent a message or activity to a client, they will be notified through email and reminded through push notifications.

Therachat reminders for clients

"Therachat empowers my clients
They make it part of their day"

Artificial Intelligence To Help Your Clients Spot Patterns

Cutting edge techniques to pick up on recurrent themes to help your clients.

Using advanced AI techniques, Therachat can extract important context and meaning from journal entries. This helps them understand important patterns in your writing that might be triggers.

Artificial intelligence therachat

With Therachat 61% of clients reduce their distress within 4 weeks.
And homework compliance increases with 80%.

View Progress, Patterns And Results

With our history view, clients can look back how far they have come, can spot patterns in their data and recall important things to bring up in session.

Pre Made Therachat Activities

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The Therachat Mobile App:

  • therachat activities
  • Thought reframing
  • Distress Level Tracking
  • Emotion tracking
  • Emotion tracking detail
  • Feedback mechanism Therachat
  • Open journal
  • Open journal analysis