Discover How Therachat Can Empower You and Your Private Practice

Pre Made Therachat Activities

Pre-Made Clinically Approved Homework Activities

Therachat makes it easy for you to send homework to your clients. Choose one of our pre-made, clinically approved homework activities and send it to your client's mobile phone. We'll automatically remind your clients to complete their homework through our HIPAA-compliant Mobile App for Clients.

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"I don't stress about homework anymore. I adjust my clients homework, if needed, right after the session. It saves me up to 10 min per client."

Send Files & Create Your Own Activities

Easily create your own activities and send them to multiple clients at once. Therachat allows you to attach PDFs, images, videos, audio files and hyperlinks to your activities. All your activities will be stored in your personal activity library, ready to be reused.

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"Therachat empowers my clients. They make it part of their day"

Notification Center

Stay Up To Date with Notifications

Therachat helps you save time by informing you when a client did something important or needs attention. Easily stay up to date with our notification center on the web or on mobile.

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Follow Up on Results & Homework Compliance

Easily view the output of your clients work, get feedback on the homework activity and follow up. Homework results will empower you to have more structured and constructive sessions.

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"Therachat helps me prepare for sessions. I don't need to spend time asking my clients about their week."

Therachat Mobile App for Therapists

Access On Any Platform, Desktop and Mobile

Follow up with clients on the go and behind your desk.

With the Therachat Mobile App for Counselors, you can follow up with your clients on the go. Do you prefer to sit down and use your computer? Use our web dashboard to review your clients work.

Export Conversations & Activities.

Export your client's activities and conversations with a single click.

Easily import Therachat data in your EHR tool of choice. Keep everything in sync an stay compliant with regulations.

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Direct Messaging

Unlimited, Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Messages.

Message your clients through our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform. Our messaging platform is available on the web and on mobile. Your clients will receive your messages on our HIPAA-compliant Mobile App for Clients.

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How Therachat Helps Your Clients.

Free, Secure Mobile App For iOS & Android.

All activities and messages will go to a FREE, HIPAA-compliant mobile app available for iOS & Android.

View Progress, Patterns & Results.

With our history view, clients can look back how far they have come, can spot patterns in their data and recall important things to bring up in session.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging.

Clients love being able to feel heard and connect with their therapist in between sessions. Your clients can easily send messages to you from the HIPAA-compliant Therachat app. Messages will only be available to you and your clients. Clients send on average 3 messages weekly.

Reminders & Notifications.

Clients forgetting their homework, is one of the main reasons why clients do not finish it. With Therachat, Each time you send a message or activity to a client, they will be notified through email and reminded through push notifications. With Therachat clients finish on average 4 homework activities weekly.