Engage your therapy clients between sessions while maintaining boundaries.

  • Create and customize homework
  • Library of pre-made, engaging activities
  • Realtime results & compliancy
  • Unlimited, secure messaging
  • Export all data
  • Web, iOS & Android app

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What Other Counselors Say About Therachat

  • “Therachat enhances the therapy experience of my clients and holds them accountable. But it also provides benefits for me; I can easily set up reminders to check in with clients about their feelings, journaling entries etc. Therachat has been an asset to my practice! ”
    Vivien Roman-Hampton, LICSW
    Stoughton, MA
  • “ Therachat helped accelerate my client's progress so much that she needed less sessions ”
    Sonya Bruner avatar
    Sonya Bruner - PsyD
    Mountain View, CA

How it works

Benefits Of Using Therachat for Client Engagement

better therapy relationship
1. Engaging clients outside of session leads to a better relationship
2. Make your clients feel heard in between sessions
therapy top of mind
3. Keep therapy top of mind

61% of clients using Therachat consistently,
reduce their distress.

Therachat journaling activities significantly contribute to distress reduction

Unlimited Therapeutical Activities

The Therachat library contains activities that are created in close colaboration with therapists. All activities are evidence based. you can also create your own custom activities that meet your specific needs. With our built in client feedback mechanism, you will be able to know which activities have been effective for your therapy clients.

Create Therachat activities

HIPAA-compliant Direct Messaging

As needed, you are able to message your clients in a HIPAA-compliant way, knowing that your communication is secure. Therachat provides unlimited messaging to your clients so you are able to extend care outside the session.

Reminders keep your clients on track

You are busy. Your clients are busy. Reminders are sent to your clients to keep them engaged and promote their healthy behaviors towards progress. Clients who are reminded to complete their homework are 4x more likely to be successful than those who are not reminded.

Therachat notifications

Stay organized with notifications

We'll notify you whenever your clients have completed activities or sent messages. This helps you to streamline your workflow and save time, only requiring your attention when it is truly necessary.

Notifications for therapists