How Sonya uses Therachat to accelerate client progress

"Therachat helped accelerate my client's progress so much that she needed less sessions."

My client had severe anxiety. Through assigning homework and my client being compliant with doing the work, she moved through the therapy process significantly faster than expected.

Sonya Bruner, PsyD
In Private Practice
Therachat-user since December 2017

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How Therachat helped Sonya & Her Clients

The Problem

Sonya wanted to help her clients get better faster and provide them with an easy way to keep up with the work in between sessions.

Favorite Therachat Activities

- Gratitude Journaling
- Catch it, Check it, Change it
- Emotion tracking

The Solution

Sonya started introducing Therachat to her clients in December 2017. She noticed that clients who completed the assigned activities between sessions provided concrete and valuable information to address during session. Sonya could help her clients understand and process what happened outside of sessions, create connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and enforce skills to deal with similar situations.

Concrete Use-Case

I worked with a client that suffered severe anxiety. Using Therachat, she tracked her emotions throughout the week. Every session we discussed strategies for dealing with challenging thoughts and feelings. I provided my client skills to understand and process when she was experiencing difficulty.
Gratitude journaling was a helpful exercise for her, because it shifted her focus from what was going wrong in her life to the things to be appreciative and grateful for.
The activity that most significantly impacted my client’s progress was the Catch it, Check it, Change it exercise. It helped her to examine and think differently about her thoughts and feelings. She would do this activity between sessions, and when we met, we would review her examples, and I could reinforce the new skills she was learning outside of our sessions to help her create connections.

“ Therachat is another way for therapists to demonstrate that what we're doing is actually working, and more importantly, it's actually helping clients.
Sonya Bruner


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