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  • What is Therachat?

    Therachat is a HIPAA-compliant, online platform that provide easy tools for counselors, psychologists, coaches etc to engage and support their clients in between sessions. With Therachat you can create and send pre-made or own activities, files, images, audio, video and you can send unlimited, secure messages. Therachat shows realtime results and compliancy scores of your clients. Find all features here

  • What's the benefit of using Therachat?

    60% of counselors using Therachat report better outcomes with their clients because clients are more engaged in their therapy.
    On top of that, clients reduce their distress when using Therachat consistently and report better understanding of their emotions, spotting patters and overall increased satisfaction with their therapy. We prefer to let our users explain why they use Therachat. Find all concrete usecases and testimonials here.

  • What activities and worksheets do you offer?

    We offer a range of clinical, pre-made activities that are optimised to engage your clients. We offer tracking, journaling, session feedback, mindfulness and self confidence activities. Our AI-driven open journaling and emotion tracking are the most used activities since they help clients spot patterns. Browse all activities here
    With Therachat you can also create your own activities or send worksheets digitally. Learn more about creating your own activities

  • Can I customize activities?

    Therachat is completely customizable if you want that. You can create your own activities, send your own files, decide when reminders should be sent and much more. Learn more about creating your own activities and customization

  • How does it work for my clients?

    Clients will receive your activities and messages in our HIPAA-compliant and free mobile iOS or Android app. The app is accessible at all times, and all data will be shared with you immediately.Learn more about the mobile Client app

  • How do you ensure HIPAA compliance and protection of PHI?

    Our platform is completely HIPAA compliant & secure. We cannot opt out of this of this as a company or as a user. We take PHI and HIPAA compliance very seriously, and want you to feel secure in knowing that we are always watching out for your clients best interest.

    We wrote an extensive piece on how we ensure HIPAA-compliance. Please find it here.

  • Can I use Therachat on my mobile phone?

    Absolutely. We created a mobile app for Counselors for iOS and for Android . With the mobile app you can invite clients, send activities, messages and easily follow-up on your clients.

  • Can I import data into my EHR?

    Yes you can. You can export all messages and activity results from each client. Read more about data exports here.

  • Do you have Getting Started videos?

    Find all video tutorials here . Please let us know if you want another video tutorial or a demo.

  • Can I customize Therachat with my own logo and name?

    Unfortunately that is not possible (yet).

  • Other questions?

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